Thursday, July 22, 2010

Must've nodded off..

Wiping away the sleepy dust & the drool, I notice it's about 3 months since my last update & at this point I should probably mention that I've never in my life been a diary keeper. The thought of expressing an idea badly really bothers me - writing an email requiring any kind of argument to be made can easily take me an entire evening. I'll often spend a half hour composing, editing & rewriting a text message. Including rewrites it just took 15 minutes to put together the last 3 sentences. Obsessive compulsive? Hush yo mouth.
 On top of this, I don't feel I've got enough of a level of expertise in, er.. anything at all really.. to start setting thoughts in stone. Still, if the twats at the IPA can have column space surely anyone can. Maybe that's the problem - I'm not sure that the principle of "if-they-talk-a-steaming-load-why-can't-I" is totally sound. Oh, and also there's the problem of today's ideas being the ones I'll  completely disagree with tomorrow. So, not a natural for diary writing, even in its interwebs form like this.
All of that is just by way of belatedly saying "Please excuse the snail's pace & assorted shite on the blog - I'm not sure what Normal Service is just yet."
To make it up to you, I now include a completely gratuitous picture of William Shatner fondling a rude & amusing object. I believe he's about to make it boldly go where no man has gone before.