Thursday, April 29, 2010

And just because I couldn't figure out how to add these couple in the last post..

The redoubtable Ros & Rob Murray convincing Halley to buy in bulk.

Lindsay wonders when the boy will hod his blether.
OH GOD, JF CAN SEE FOREVER! Or it's just lockjaw, like he said.
Mr J. Burnside, lead astray by Marina & Nadia.

And we're back..

Esther, Mark & JB hatch a cunning plan. JF remains skeptical.
What a massive cock. Mark & Gus can't face it.
Two rock gods, just hangin.

That was meant to be a short blog break while I got organised so naturally its now about 2 months since the last entry.. and, happily, the exhibition has opened! Last Friday night. Phew. And it seemed to go pretty well - a good turnout of fine Melbourne locals plus Mum, Dad & sister Nic, the occasional smile at the stuff on the walls, one sale & plenty of booze. Sweet. Nic had been in town the week leading up & was a huge help - so good to have an experienced fine artist close at hand! She ran around town picking things up, gave the Officeworks photocopiers a workout, primed canvases, talked to gallery people, sent emails.. generally did all manner of beyond-the-call stuff & was indispensable. In short, she rules. That's really what made it come together in the end - very generous people helping me out. Does that sound like The Waltons? Bah! It's still true. (But don't get me wrong, yes, The Waltons suck.) Flatmate Angus had good advice, quality picture-reference hunting skills & top stationary provisions, Kristin Guley trusted me with her car, John Foulkes was a tiptop dealer of Japanese Black Black caffeine chewing gum, and family & friends were always encouraging or smacking me back into shape when I was ready to quit. What a top bunch. Thanks to you all. I'll put some details in later on individual works, techniques used and various fiasco's in their making, but for now here's just a few pics from the opening.