Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Notpepsi Challenge.

So here's the thing. For the best part of the last decade I've not been finishing art at what you'd call speed. Fifteen years ago I worked as an illustrator, but the rise of the machines put a lot of pen-to-paper luddites like me in the shade. Work slowed down, I tried animation for a while, everyday things piled up & got in the way.. I still love making pictures, but time off can make you rusty - last year I spent probably nine months working on a friends idea for a small tattoo of a steampunk airship. Sure, I'm now better informed about hot air balloon construction, boat design, steam engines and the significance of the Roman goddess Minerva, and also he seems happy with the result, but you wouldn't want to have held your breath. Basically, time's a wastin. So, how to get finishing things with a little more vim?
How about booking an exhibition with a deadline tighter than anything I've ever worked to in my life? How about a deadline of ONE FINISHED WORK EVERY WEEK? That is the challenge. I've got 10 weeks.
Yeah. This is gonna work.